Brows on trend: Check out the hottest trends for 2022

Perfect brows are as easy as 1,2,3… But don’t take our word for it. Check out these trends by brow queen Unaiza Suliman.

Brows really shape a woman’s face.

Just look at iconic brow queens like Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, the intensely creative Frida Kahlo, or modern A-listers Queen Bey, Amandla Stenberg and Emilia Clarke.

Brows on trend

Trailblazers in both fashion and personal style, eyebrows have witnessed an evolution of being plucked, thinned, contoured, sculpted, fluffed, threaded, shaped, and arched. Undoubtedly, a defined eyebrow line is the benchmark in creative self-expression.

Eyebrows hold the power to change our face, bring out our best features and correct and balance the imperfections, be it small eyes, a long face or eyes set too far apart. Eyebrow design adds definition and presents a confident look to the world, and no one knows this to better effect than Unaiza Suliman of UniQbrow.

Brow trends to look out for

When it comes to manicured brows and perfect lashes, no one knows better or more than award-winning entrepreneur Unaiza Suliman of UniQbrow. Known as the brow queen, Unaiza is an expert in aesthetics and somatology. She is also a master trainer and creates engaging online courses that can be accessed from anywhere around the world to upskill professionals in the beauty industry.

Unaiza shares the top brow trends to follow:

Au Naturel
Put down the tweezers, says Unaiza, simple and minimal brow work is the way to go. “I love a clean, beautiful brow that is simultaneously unstructured and natural. I’ve never been a fan of the overly defined brow and we’re now emerging into an era where priorities are being redefined too. While grooming will always be a priority, this season we’re embracing a more sophisticated yet natural look for your brows and this is an unquestionable winner.”

Art of the Brow Lamination
Brow lamination provides a defined look that must be applied by a certified professional, to deliver a perfectly placed brushed up fuller look that lasts for months.  Providing an illusion of beautiful fullness while maintaining an “unstructured,” look, this trend mimics a brow “lift,” without the pigment of microblading. As the world of brows keeps evolving, Unaiza has added a UniQBrow eyebrow jam, a slight evolution of the brow gel, to create the laminated effect so complimentary for fuller, thicker looking brows that last throughout the day.

Fluffy Bush Baby
Think fluffy brows with no pencilling and minimal maintenance. All you need is a clean, damp spoolie brush run very lightly through your soap; followed by brushing, up, out and down in the direction of your brow growth.

Feather me Brow
Feather brows are in, defined using a spoolie to create definition and to flick the brows out for a lightweight airy look.

Barely There
Bleached eyebrows make a major statement right now especially on the catwalks and provide a light and versatile look in the fashion scene.

Brow transplants
Eyebrow transplants are here to help increase brow fullness. When yours have all been plucked off, hair taken from the back of the head helps to replace a distinctive brow line.

Classic and Straight
In a return to the classic Audrey Hepburn look, the straight brow is back featuring a minimal arch and a straighter brow tail.

Colour me Pretty
Coloured brows are fun and add a feel of play to the day. Simply add a pop of colour with your makeup and match the glamour of your outfit.

Skinny 90’s
The sleek eyebrow is seeing a comeback featuring a low arch and slimline look for formal sophistication.

So what are you waiting for. Sculpt and style those brows. And don’t forget to show them off on socials – tag us if you do!