UniQ Volume Lashes


Everyone knows that a good set of lashes can fix just about anything. Other than making women look and feel good, our UniQ lash technicians understand that lashes serve a real purpose – check out our blog to see more on the purpose of lashes.

With this in mind, Volume Lashes is a sought-after technique in which multiple lashes are fanned and applied to each natural lash. This allows for greater customisation to achieve your desired look.


  • Lasts 6-8 weeks.
  • Allows those with sparse natural lashes to enjoy a fuller look.
  • Enhances the overall look of the eye.
  • Time-saver in that you dont have to apply mascara or remove it.
  • Easy to fill and easy to remove.

Made from synthetic micro polyester fibre thread, our lashes are crimp-resistant, bouncy, flexible, and weightless.

A wonderful way to enhance your natural beauty.

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