UniQ Brow Jam


Brows, Glorious Brows! Just Add Jam

Available in Keto, Chocolate and Berry

The world of brows keeps evolving and this time we’re adding a jam. A trend that is increasingly on the uptake over the past year. The magic is all in the jar and for your brows, the treat is so sweet.

Brow Queen, Unaiza Suliman gives us the inside scoop: “Considered to be a slight evolution of the brow gel, Brow Jam is the ideal product for creating that laminated fluffy effect that is really so complimentary for brows. The best part is, the product is long-lasting, giving you that full brow effect all day, every day.” Further to this, Unaiza informs us that the jam gives an enhanced shape to brows as they appear fuller and thicker.

  • You’ll need UniQ Brow Jam and your spoolie brush along with some setting spray or water.
  • Always ensure your face is clean, especially around the brow area in order for the product to have the maximum effect that it should.
  • Spray your water or setting spray onto the surface of the jam and wait for about 40-60 seconds so that the product isn’t too watery when you’re ready to apply it.
  • Swirl your spoolie brush in the jam a few times to get the product on.
  • Remove it and apply to the back of your hand-twist it a few times to create a paste.
  • Dab a little bit of this back onto your spoolie and brush it through your brow hairs. Your finger is a good tool to lift the hairs and stick them down into your desired shape.
  • Neaten the hairs and clean excess product from around the brow. You can use a bit of make-up remover or water. Remember to keep your jam jar tightly sealed and spoolie brush clean at all times.
  • Et Voila, beautiful jam brows.
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