MANpower…A New Era Of Male Grooming

A shift has occurred in the male grooming market, and it’s certainly one for the better. Building yourself as a brand has become paramount, no matter the sphere you’re in. This has largely been driven by social media, but of course, the world’s current greatest accessory is perhaps the bigger driver…the mask.

We’ve written before about how wearing masks has highlighted how crucial our eyes and brows are for communication. Even when masks become a distant memory in future, our eyebrows are key for communication. Men have realised this, which explains the influx of men opting for brow threading or treatments.

Men have bushier, thicker brows than women generally. Brow Queen Unaiza of Uniq Brows points out that, “when male brows are in poor shape, they are an unrelenting distraction. When they are in good shape, they accentuate your face and eyes spectacularly.” On the flip side of the infamous unruly male brow, several men have stepped through the Uniq Brow doors in the hope of finding a solution for their thinning brows.

“Men have more sebaceous (oil) glands than women and on average, produce double the sebum, which is why men generally have oiler skin than women. The oiler skin results in thinning brows for many men, which is why our Uniq Brow Serum is excellent for regrowing and maintaining brows when used consistently,” Explain Unaiza. She gives gents the do’s and don’ts when it comes to brow care:

  • Do get your brows professionally shaped. If you’ve never done this before, you may end up wearing an entire facemask to cover the mistakes.
  • If you’re in your late 30’s or older, watch out for thinning brows.
  • Do not over-tweeze.
  • Select your grooming method with the guidance of a professional brow expert. Ensure the professional services you select are experienced in working with male brows and can accurately assess what is best for you.
  • Try some brow gel – it’s an easy way of filling in the gaps.
  • Invest in your brows. A little time and investment go a long way. This is part of not only grooming but a bit of self-care. You would be surprised how much we have picked up from clients on their general state of health, purely based on what the brows reveal.

From ensuring you find a fresh perspective on looking after your brows, which convey so much emotion when you’re communicating, to ensuring you’ve established a fuss-free skin care routine for yourself, there are health benefits to grooming that no one should overlook.